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    Rodolphe Barrangou, an NC State professor and pioneer of the discovery of the adaptive bacterial immune system known as CRISPR, has been named a recipient of the 2016 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize.

    The prize comes with a cash award of $500,000, to be divided equally among Barrangou and four other recipients who have contributed “to the understanding of the CRISPR bacterial defense system and the revolutionary discovery that it can be powerfully adapted for genome editing.” Winners will be honored at a symposium at Harvard Medical School on Oct. 6.

    “The game-changing insights achieved by these five scientists led to a technique that has been swiftly embraced across the globe, altering the way we study and understand eukaryotic genetics and offering enormous potential for developing new gene- and cell-based therapies, including treatment strategies for previously intractable genetic diseases,” said Jeffrey S. Flier, dean of the faculty of medicine at Harvard Medical School and chair of the Warren Alpert Foundation Prize Scientific Advisory Committee.

    Barrangou, associate professor of food, bioprocessing and nutrition sciences and the Todd R. Klaenhammer Distinguished Scholar in Probiotics Research at NC State, focuses on understanding the genetic basis for health-promoting and fermentative properties of beneficial bacteria used in foods.

    His work has shown that CRISPR systems defend bacteria against unwanted invaders. Barrangou is mostly concerned with CRISPR-Cas systems that use Cas9 proteins as scalpels to cleave away foreign DNA. Possible applications include genome editing, antibacterial and antimicrobial production, food safety, food production and plant breeding.

    While working at Danisco, a food ingredients company, Barrangou and colleagues published a seminal CRISPR paper in the journal Science in 2007. That paper showed that CRISPR is an adaptive immune system that can acquire genetic snapshots of bacterial virus attacks.

    “I am absolutely delighted and honored to receive the Warren Alpert Foundation Prize,” Barrangou said. “It has been enjoyable to observe firsthand the evolution of the CRISPR field in the past decade, and seeing the field evolve from the humble beginnings of CRISPR analysis in dairy cultures to driving the genome-editing craze has been fantastic. I am thankful to the Warren Alpert Foundation and to the prize selection committee for their consideration, and I look forward to further serving the CRISPR community.”

    Barrangou joined the NC State faculty in 2013. He received the 2014 NC State Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award and the 2015 NC State Faculty Scholars Award. He has been on the Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers list in 2014 and 2015. Barrangou is on the board of directors of Caribou Biosciences, and a co-founder and member of the scientific advisory board of Intellia Therapeutics.

    Barrangou earned his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from the Rene Descartes University in Paris, France; a master’s degree in biological engineering from the University of Technology in Compiegne, France; a master’s degree in food science and a Ph.D. in genomics from NC State; and a MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    The Warren Alpert Foundation Prize recognizes scientists whose research has led to the prevention, cure or treatment of human diseases or disorders and constitutes a seminal scientific finding that holds great promise for ultimately changing our understanding of, or ability to treat, disease.

    The late Warren Alpert, a philanthropist dedicated to advancing biomedical research, established the prize in 1987. To date, the foundation has awarded more than $3 million to 54 individuals. Eight honorees have also received a Nobel Prize.

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    Mick Kulikowski, News Services, 919/515-8387 or

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    Located amid the breathtaking mountains of West Virginia, The Greenbrier is a National Historic Landmark and world-class resort that has been welcoming guests from around the world since 1778. Today, The Greenbrier invites a new generation to come out and play. Enjoy relaxing pastimes, start treasured traditions, or set out on an amazing adventure. Click here to learn more about this historic resort!

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    ADPA is proud to announce this year's speaker line-up! Our schedule is packed with industry experts that will allow you to leave the convention with industry knowledge to help your business succeed. Our speakers include:

    Porter Halyburton, Professor Emeritus of Distance Education at the U.S. Naval War College 

    Ron Mong, Herbein + Company, Inc. 

    Skip Rosskam, David Michael & Company  

    Martin Wiedmann, Cornell

    We are also excited to welcome Kathy Gombas a Senior Advisor for FSMA Implementation in the Office of Food Safety with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN). Kathy is a recognized food safety expert with thirty years of experience in preventive controls, supply chain management, and food safety auditing. Before coming to CFSAN, Kathy held corporate food safety positions at Dean Foods overseeing their Corporate Supplier Management Program and at Kraft Foods corporate conducting food safety audits worldwide and developing corporate food safety policies.

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    We hope to see you at our convention this year. Should you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at  


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    Valentine's Day is this weekend, and no gift would be more special than a trip to the world-class resort, The Greenbrier. Surprise your spouse with reservations to the resort that's hosted 26 of our country's presidents, and maybe throw a spa day in there too. The two of you will be able to enjoy relaxing pastimes, start treasured traditions, or set out on an amazing adventure. Click here to learn more about this historic resort!

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    ADPA would like to invite you to be part of our annual convention as a sponsor. We are expecting a packed house, and this year's conference promises to provide unmatched opportunities to network with industry leaders and decision makers. From signage throughout the conference to a "thank you" from the stage, your sponsorship and attendance are sure to get you the visibility you seek. Now is the time to lock in your sponsorship. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity! 




    We look forward to partnering alongside you to make the 2016 Annual Convention a success.
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    Don't forget, you must register by 02.29.16 to qualify for the early bird registration discount!

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    We are pleased to announce that ADPA Convention registration is now open. You don't want to miss the engaging speakers, fun events, and unparalleled networking opportunities we have planned. Join us at the charming and historic The Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, WV for three days dedicated to the Dairy Products Industry.

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    Alli Davis admits it. She names the cows.

    Davis, all of 22 years old, wears her sandy blonde hair back in a ponytail. She stands at the end of a row of calf corrals in a gray T-shirt and muddy boots. The calves see her. They’re all between 2 and 8 weeks old and are built like stocky little deer. They bounce around like big puppies. The conversation comes to a dead stop. Calves have that effect on people.

    There’s one named Shamrock. The youngest ones, the twins on the end, are named Lucy and Ethel. One in the middle is named Butter. Her mom’s name was Peanut. There’s another one named Jelly. Davis wants to name the next one Sandwich. “Nobody thought that was a good idea,” she says in a thick Tennessee accent...

    To view the rest of the article, please click here.

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    The American Dairy Products Association (ADPA) held its 2015 Annual Convention on March 19 - 21 in Savannah, GA at the Savannah Riverfront Marriott. The 2015 convention was designed to broaden the attendee’s scope of knowledge about the dairy products industry by discussing current industry issues and providing tips for achieving the best results for their companies. Feedback from the attendees reveals that the 2015 convention was ADPA’s best convention to date.

    The educational sessions began with notable NC State Professor Dr. MaryAnne Drake with her session titled Understanding Consumer Desires for Fluid Milk.  She has conducted research on the flavor and flavor chemistry of dairy products for more than fifteen years, and her research is focused on understanding how dairy processing steps influence flavor and consumer perception of foods. In her presentation, Dr. Drake noted successful products from fluid milk and dairy beverages to dried ingredients have to hit consumer targets for safety, consistency, and flavor. She argued understanding consumer desires for fluid milk and chocolate milk is crucial to deliver competitive products. Because of Dr. Drake’s wealth of knowledge, attendees walked away with a greater knowledge about creating successful products.

    The first day concluded with Colonel John Hoffman, a Senior Research Fellow with the National Center for Food Protection and Defense at the University of Minnesota. His research and development projects include the Food and Agriculture Sector Criticality Assessment Tool (FASCAT) for which he proposed and developed the basic concepts in prototype, the development of national and state level bio-surveillance systems, defending against economically motivated adulteration of food and feed products, defense of the nation’s food supply infrastructure, and high consequence food event modeling. In this particular presentation, however, Hoffman discussed CRISTAL, a user-friendly software that enables private food companies and the government to compare disparate food systems for the allocation of scarce security and risk mitigation resources, and its impact on the dairy industry.

    Saturday morning began with Jerry Johnson, Vice-President of Technical Services for Alamance Foods, Inc., and his session titled Customer Expectations – Making the Purchasing Decision. Not only did Johnson spend over 25 years at Kraft Foods, but in 2004 he moved to McDonald’s as the Group Commercialization Manager where he had the responsibility of on-boarding and qualifying new suppliers to the McDonald’s system. Due to his years of experience in this particular field, Johnson was able to inform the thinking process behind the Purchasing Managers’ decisions. He asked the question “Is your diary ready to address the additional factors beyond product cost that drive the purchasing decision?” Johnson then went into detail about the factors that can win over prospective customers.

    The day continued with NC Department of Agriculture Assistant Commissioner for Consumer Protection Joe Reardon. Reardon oversees the divisions responsible for food safety, agricultural emergency response, animal health and regulation of the structural pest control industry, pesticide use and various weighing and measuring devices. In his presentation titled FSMA Implementation and Rulemaking, Reardon gave an overview of the status of FSMA implementation with a focus on the preventative controls that rule and impact industry and regulatory programs.

    Education sessions closed with a session titled Dairy in Today’s World. Long-time Washington insider Connie Tipton, president and CEO of the International Dairy Foods Association, provided a virtual tour of the political landscape that is shaping the legislative and regulatory environment for the US dairy industry. From discussions about the role of sustainability in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans to the need to reform how milk is priced, Tipton tied all the pieces together.

    Other sessions included a General Membership Meeting in which members discussed ADPA’s efforts to increase the value of membership in 2015.

    In addition to the educational sessions, ADPA also organized daily networking opportunities and fun events to help members connect and relax during the conference. Attendees participated in Opening and Closing Events as well as the annual 25ers dinner, annual Golf Tournament, a trolley tour to view the beautiful historic sites of Savannah, a tasting tour to experience the food that makes the Southern city so great, and a charter fishing tour to give attendees a chance to enjoy the scenic waters of Georgia.

    On the back of this year’s outstanding success, the ADPA Board of Directors and Convention Planning Committee have already begun planning the 2016 ADPA Annual Conference to be held in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia on March 31 – April 2, 2016 at The Greenbrier. ADPA hopes to see many first time attendees join them at The Greenbrier, an iconic and luxurious hotel, in 2016.

    About ADPA

    The goal of the American Dairy Products Association is to enhance the business climate for both its members and the consuming public by creating an environment in which its members benefit from educational opportunities which focus on relevant and timely issues facing the dairy industry, networking together in harmony and a spirit of co-operation to benefit from shared knowledge on a wide range of topics and issues, and a unified voice in which to address legislative issues which may, from time to time, gain the forefront of collective importance.

    To achieve these goals, we dedicate ourselves to greater co-operation with one another and with the local land-grant universities with whom we share common interests and mutual dependence. A by-product of working together to achieve this goal is the growth and enhanced support of this association by its individual members.

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    As you're looking ahead at your 2016 calendar, make certain to mark down the 3rd Annual 2016 ADPA Convention! You don't want to miss the engaging speakers, fun events and unparalleled networking opportunities we have planned.

    Next year's convention will take place at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV. This beautiful and historic hotel is a destination you won't want to miss. Among its many awards, Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report named it the "Resort of the Century." America's Resort will not disappoint. Visit their website to view their elegant accommodations, many award winning restaurants, and numerous fun activities all located on property!

    March 31 - April 2, 2016 
    The Greenbrier 
    White Sulphur Springs, WV

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    ADPA is proud to announce our keynote speaker, Dr. MaryAnne Drake of NC State University. As a specialist in sensory analysis and flavor chemistry, Dr. Drake will discuss her work and the impact it has made. We hope you will join us in Savannah, GA on March 19 - 21 to hear this esteemed member of the dairy products industry!

    Below is a synopsis Dr. Drake has given about her work:

    Research in my laboratory is focused in two different areas: sensory analysis and flavor chemistry.  Sensory analysis research is primarily focused on dairy products and how flavor varies with processing and storage and how this relates to consumer perception. Qualitative market research, descriptive analysis, consumer testing, and preference mapping are all used. Instrumental flavor analysis techniques including gas chromatography/olfactometry and gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy are also used to relate sensory properties to the chemical components of foods. Fundamental research on methods development is conducted as well as application of these techniques to solve industrially relevant problems.

    To learn more about Dr. Drake, please click here. Or, to read an article that was published about her in NC State's The Magazine of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, please click here.

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